“What is in a identify? That which we connect with a rose
By any other term would scent as sweet.”

In this famed quotation from Act II of Romeo and Juliet, Juliet tells Romeo that a name is an synthetic and meaningless convention, and the actuality he is a Montague and she a Capulet (warring households) implies very little to their adore.

However, there is some robust proof from the UK’s Cranfield University – and somewhere else – that the title a single provides a challenge does have a marked impression on the conduct and inspiration of the people today involved. It may surprise you, but the identify you give to your Intranet Job could effectively be the most significant determination you make in the early phases of mobilisation!

The Immediate Approach

There is an argument in faour of naming your Intranet Venture the – wait around for it – “Intranet Challenge”! Usually, so-named “top secret squirrel” names (in which just one has to ferret out from colleagues what Project Banana is all about) provide only to produce an unneeded air of mystique (suit only for solution M&A jobs). They can also serve to be divisive, by separating ‘people in the know’ from individuals outside the house the fast undertaking viewers.

The practical tactic

A practical identify focuses on what the intranet does (e.g. look for, obtain, obtain). This enjoys the very same positive aspects as the immediate approach, but affords a single a very little more poetic license. What about names like “Undertaking Join” or “Job Gateway”, which serve to sign the main “have to have” demands for the venture?

The conceptual strategy

There is a trouble with the direct or functional strategies Exploration from Cranfield has shown that persons on tasks tend to be incredibly greatly influenced in their actions by the title of the challenge itself. If you get in touch with your job the Intranet undertaking, it is a functioning intranet (i.e. the know-how) that you will get. If your ambition was one thing considerably much more visionary, these kinds of as a wholly new way of working for your persons, you are probable to be dissatisfied!

The conceptual identify targets what is realized by the features, somewhat than the functionality itself. For instance, if your enterprise title was BigCo and your function was trying to get to get absolutely everyone in the firm doing work alongside one another, you could get in touch with the project “Venture OneBigCo” or “Venture Unity”. For the aforementioned new strategies of doing the job aim, you could use “Project Potential Office”.

The summary solution

The abstract approach discounts with how the venture will make persons experience. For instance, “Challenge Bliss” (for happiness), “Job Wizard” (for magic) or “Venture Pulse” (for fast-pacedness). Whilst 1 environment normally fails to capture all you are making an attempt to obtain with an Intranet Portal, this method can show really productive (especially the place counter-cultural).

If all else fails

Very little grabbed you so significantly? Properly there is no saving you, then! I suppose there are normally the common fallback possibilities: names of greek or roman gods, names of planets, names of birds and names of dances. These have the added value that – if you spawn comply with-on assignments in a sequence – you have completely ready-created reasonable observe-on venture titles. By the way, “Task Mercury” would be my recommendation for planets or gods (as Mercury was the roman god of communications).

For more tips on task names, why not check out my presentation in chapter 10 of my (free to entry) Intranet Portal Information.

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