Ever given that the British isles voted to go away the EU in June 2016, British organizations have had to deal with lots of uncertainties. Even as Brexit drew closer, there was very little indication of what form it would get, or how trade would be afflicted.

A withdrawal settlement which held the United kingdom within just the EU’s solitary industry until 31st December 2020 prevented new regulations remaining made for the duration of this time, and a submit-Brexit trade offer was lastly struck by EU and Uk negotiators on December 24th 2020.

This led to new polices staying released on the products that leave the British isles, the goods that arrive in, the paperwork that requirements to be completed when transporting shipments, and a lot of other places.

These laws have brought about troubles for many firms, and presented couriers with many obstructions to navigate when moving into or exiting continental Europe. All this has impacted on offer chains and led to shortages of specific merchandise, amid other complications.

In this post, we’ll define 5 of the major problems that enterprises, couriers, and buyers are now dealing with as a consequence of Brexit.

  1. Greater Forms

Just some of the information which requirements to be delivered inside of the new customs documentation contains:

‘This is the major imposition of red tape that businesses have had to offer with in 50 years’

William Bain,

British Retail Consortium

  1. Delays

Delays in the source chain are predicted as there will be new checks on imported and exported merchandise, which include:

In the meantime, the next paperwork will also need to be loaded in and checked:

Most checks on goods coming into the United kingdom from the EU will be delayed until finally 1 July 2021 owing to the COVID-19 disaster, although there will even now be checks on deliveries of managed substances these as alcoholic beverages and tobacco.

Comprehensive controls on British exports to the EU commenced on 1 January 2021.

‘What has been serially misunderstood by several components of govt is the scale of the complexity for individuals on the ground dealing with the paperwork’

Duncan Buchanan,

Highway Haulage Affiliation

  1. Higher Costs

The added operate necessary to finish paperwork, check items, and comply with rules may well make imports much more pricey in the two the EU and the United kingdom.

Stores who are applied to going their inventory freely all around the EU customs union have experienced to generate independent supply chains for the British isles. That is costing them additional income. Quite a few corporations also now face greater expenses and enhanced forms in order to comply with Uk tax authorities.

At the same time, international shipping corporations such as Federal Express and TNT have mentioned they are levying supplemental expenses on shipments in between the British isles and the EU.

For illustration, mail and freight company TNT has claimed it is now imposing a surcharge of £4.31 on all shipments in between the British isles and the EU. Rivals DHL and UPS have also taken equivalent steps.

‘To mirror the incremental price of customs clearance, we are rising transportation costs for shipments from British isles to EU, and EU to British isles.’


  1. Shortages

Practically 30% of all the food stuff eaten in the British isles is imported from the EU, and delays in the offer chain could induce shortages. With non-perishable things, there experienced been some stockpiling by United kingdom stores in preparing for Brexit, but these additional provides would not final endlessly.

Some EU specialist on-line retailers have stated they will end giving the United kingdom totally since of tax variations which came into force on 1 January 2021. For instance, the Netherlands-primarily based bicycle element agency Dutch Bicycle Bits reported from now on it would ship to each individual country in the earth except the United kingdom.

‘We are forced by British plan to prevent dealing with British customers’

Dutch Bike Bits

  1. The Northern Ireland Border Challenges

Northern Eire will continue to be in the EU one current market for items, and in contrast to the relaxation of the Uk it will continue to appreciate frictionless trade with the EU, with no checks of any sort taking put on the land border with the Republic of Ireland.

Nevertheless, there will be new bureaucracy inside the Uk amongst Fantastic Britain and Northern Eire.

For illustration, the EU has rigid procedures on products and solutions of animal origin, this kind of as meat, milk, fish, and eggs, and from January 1st 2021 any of these products which leave Terrific Britain and enter Northern Ireland (for that reason also coming into the EU’s single market) ought to move via a border regulate publish wherever paperwork is checked, and a proportion of merchandise physically inspected.

All shipments from Excellent Britain to Northern Ireland will also want a security and safety declaration, and a customs declaration from a new IT process which traders have not used before.

Retailers are still looking for responses about how to deliver parcels from Excellent Britain to Northern Ireland, and some have already suspended deliveries.

‘There is continue to not adequate clarity from the Authorities on what is heading to be associated in terms of regulatory and customs process’

Stephen Farry,

MP for North Down

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